Your Own Photo Mosaic

Most of us have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos that we've accumulated through the years.

Digital cameras became commonplace early in the nineties, and today's phones take fantastic high-resolution shots.

Holidays, parties, weddings, festivals, shows, ourselves... we're snapping everything, all the time.

And what do we do with all our pictures? In truth, for the most part, not a lot.

One of the marvellous things about a photo mosaic is that your photos get to see the light of day - friends and family come to your house and are excited to be reminded of great times - the mosaic becomes a real talking point.

If you're interested in your own mosaic, drop us a note. There are lots of options - what will the base picture be? How big would you like it to be? What will it be printed onto? Will it be made from photos, or something else?...So there's no substitute for a conversation by email or phone.

Some of our work is on a huge scale, and we're very interested in new approaches to all things graphical.

Equally, most of what we do hangs on bedroom, lounge, and office walls, and is purely personal art.

Get started now - look through your folders of photos, and decide which ones you'd like to include. It's a good excuse to riffle through some memories, and it also means you can weed out any pictures you'd rather not put on display!

Below, a section of a photo mosaic showing beautiful eyes. Or is it just a bunch of photos...?