Birmingham's "Big Picture"

Normally we create graphics for people's offices and homes, and they typically hang on a wall...

The Big Picture became the Guinness Book of Records entry for the world's biggest mosaic made
from individual images, and filled the huge car park at Millennium Point in Birmingham!

The people of the West Midlands submitted 112,896 pictures which went to create an image of
young boxer Arthur Bunce training in the 1930's.

Mr Bunce's image was submitted by his grand-daughter Lucy Moore,
seen here with the original image, and the final, giant, mosaic.

The Big Picture Mosaic from the ground Competition winner Lucy Moore inspecting the final mosaic Lucy on the mosaic Adding a finishing touch to the giant mosaic The Big Picture Mosaic seen from a cherry picker Competition winner Lucy Moore on the mosaic with her original picture of her grandfather Boxer Arthur Bunce in the 1930's Lucy her original picture of her grandfather Pollytiles receiving the Guinness Book of Records Certification